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Oil Capital Members,

Please find listed below the upcoming year's BR-50 Match Schedule. We are backing off the 2nd Tuesday evening match each month as the interest and attendance just isn't there anymore.  We have only a single Saturday match for the very cold Winter months.  No Tuesday Evenings at all. We end up cancelling them, more than often than not, due to the inclement weather conditions.

We will begin the Saturday matches at 9:00AM for the warmer months and drop back to a Noon start time for the colder months.

This gives us 20 scheduled matches for the 2015 year.  If there is a request for an extra Tuesday Evening match, and there is a head count to justify it, we will certainly schedule one and enjoy it. So extra evening matches are an option all season long. All of these dates can also be found on the 2015 Club Calendar in the MCH.

JAN 10th SATURDAY   NOON TILL 3:00PM                      JUL  28th   TUESDAY      6:30PM TILL 8:30PM

FEB 14th SATURDAY   NOON TILL 3:00PM                      AUG   8th   SATURDAY    9:00AM TILL NOON

MAR 14th SATURDAY  NOON TILL 3:00PM                      AUG  25th   TUESDAY     6:30PM TILL 8:30PM

APR 11th SATURDAY  NOON TILL 3:00PM                      SEP  12th    SATURDAY    9:00AM TILL NOON

APR 28th TUESDAY    6:30PM TILL 8:30PM                    SEP  29th    TUESDAY       6:30PM TILL 8:30PM

MAY  9th SATURDAY  9:00AM TILL NOON                      OCT 10th      SATURDAY   9:00AM TILL NOON

MAY 19th TUESDAY    6:30PM TILL 8:30PM                    OCT 27th     TUESDAY      6:30PM TILL 8:30PM

JUN 13th SATURDAY  9:00AM TILL NOON                      NOV  14th     SATURDAY   NOON TILL 3:00PM

JUN 30th TUESDAY    6:30 TILL 8:30PM                        NOV  24th    TUESDAY      6:30PM TILL 8:30PM

JUL 11th SATURDAY   9:00AM TILL NOON                     DEC  12th     SATURDAY    NOON TILL 3:00PM

I look forward to the matches and hope you can all come out and enjoy a couple of hours of shooting. The more the merrier.