IDPA - International Defensive Pistol Association

Contact: Jack Ostendorf




A caution to those of you using some GPS locators.  A search for OCR&GC MAY send you to downtown Coweta.  That's about 4.5 mi south of the match location.  Use directions provided below unless you just want to see Main Street.

IDPA meets on the 1st & 4th Saturday of each month.  NOW ON SUMMER HOURS Sign-in begins about 8:30,  Safety Meeting/Walk-Thru promptly at 9:00.   Match runs til 1 PM (-1 hr/+ 1/2 hr) with tear-down concluding about 2 PM.
Match fee is $15/ $10 OCR&GC members.  Match is open both to Oil Capital members as well as other individuals wishing to shoot IDPA matches.  Most matches are +/- 100 required rounds . We suggest bringing 150 rounds.  Spectators are welcome; they must wear eye and ear protection when in the vicinity of the ranges.  All persons operating vehicles within club grounds are expected to obey posted speed limits of 15 MPH on general clubsite roads with 5 MPH maximum in the event use areas.  If you are followed by a dust roostertail its your clue to slow down, regardless of your speed.
You will need 3 magazines for your pistol (9mm) or larger caliber. A strong side holster, meeting Rulebook spec's,  is an IDPA requirement HOWEVER do not purchase just any holster until after your first match.  I encourage those without holster experience to start each stage with gun in hand. 
IDPA matches at Oil Capital are conducted under "cold" range rules.  All firearms worn by the competitors  at the match are fully unloaded (mag removed) and chamber empty.   LEAVE the unloaded firearm holstered until directed to load up on the bay by a Safety Officer .  The magazine well of semi-auto's will be vacant.  Holstering up ONLY of the unloaded match firearm at the vehicle  is permitted; no practice draws or other handling at the vehicle.  Other unloaded firearms handling is permitted ONLY at the Safety Handling Area tables,  located at marked locations on the bays.   A Safety Handling Area sign is at page bottom; follow its instruction closely. 


BEWARE GPS AND OIL CAPITAL RANGE LOCATION:  Some GPS locators provide erroneous information to access the range; others work just fine.  If your GPS directs you to “take 101st St. to 305th E. Ave” discontinue its use to locate Oil Capital; default to the directions below or the map provided.  The GPS location for the 101st Street Gate is 95 degrees 38'  2.291" West, 36 degrees 1' 9.718" North. The following streets, 91st St, 101st and 111th St South, do not run through to 305th East Ave from the west.

FROM EAST/NORTH:   US-412 and OK-66 come together just at the east outskirts of the Tulsa metro area.  Take US-412 East approximately 1 mile to Creek Turnpike.  Take 2nd right (south) 7 miles to 71st St/Kenosha exit.  Turn left on 71st/ Kenosha.  You will need a couple dollars worth of coins to feed the toll booths.  Follow BALANCE DIRECTIONS.

FROM WEST/SOUTH:  From I-44, US-169, and Hwy 75; take their junction with OK-51 and proceed eastbound toward and just past Broken Arrow.  Take exit off OK-51 marked Kenosha St. Turn left, and then go 1/3 mi. to intersection of Kenosha/71st. with 193rd East Av.  Follow BALANCE DIRECTIONS.

BALANCE DIRECTIONS:  Proceed east on 71st/Kenosha approximately 7 miles.  Road will change from a 4 lane to a 2 lane.  Look for County Maintenance barn on RH just before the first 4-way stop.  At this FIRST 4-way stop, turn right (south) on 305th East Ave/Coweta Rd, and then go exactly 3 miles.  Turn left on 101st Street South and then immediately left again into Oil Capital Club site drive.  Proceed into Club site; bear right at the “Y” to the match area. 



16th Annual Badlands Regional &

Oklahoma State IDPA Championship

was a sucess and is in the record books     


Thanks to the following Major Match Sponsors:


Springfield Armory hand guns and rifles for concealed carry and competition shooting




We'd like to recognize 2A Shooting Center for

providing FFL services to the match.

2A Shooting Center



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