Defensive Practical Rifle

Defensive Practical Practical Rifle
Contact: Jack Ostendorf
Phone: 918-438-2669 OK to Leave Message

December 9th CANCELLED

due to weather conditions



Shoots 2nd Sunday Monthly
0930
Safety Meeting/Stage Walk-Through 1000
Match Fee $15 / $10 OCR&GC Member
Typical Match consists of 5 stages, for a total of 65-75 rounds rifle and 20 rounds pistol.  Pistol/Rifle combo stages consist of two of the five stages.  Target engagements are from 5 to 75 yards.  Targets are usually cardboard often with limited scoring areas available.  Some targets will be engaged standing, kneeling, prone, on the move and through various windows/obstacles.  Both strong and weak shoulder stages are common. 
Go to the official Defensive Practical Rifle Website for the Rules and other info